Breaking Down Barriers

When we moved into our home the family moving out told us not to remove the nests in the corners of the porch because swallows return every year to lay their eggs. Up until a week ago, we hadn’t seen any but then they arrived!! Four dive bombing birds that flew directly at us every time we left the house or arrived home! My husband said, “That’s not going to last long.” of course I asked why and he said, “I’ve got my money on Loretta Lynn (our cat)!” Well, he was right! Yesterday morning, Loretta Lynn had one in her mouth. We woke up to the dog going crazy and we had to see what the ruckus was! That’s when we saw that she had one of the swallows. Don’t worry!! My husband snatched it right from Loretta Lynn’s mouth, then he opened the front door and the bird flew away!! I figured all was well, right?!!? Not so much, they all left. No more birds flying at us but now I am worried they might have abandoned their eggs!! I asked my husband if the birds could carry their eggs to a new nest, he laughed just like you probably are right now!! 

When something doesn’t go our way it’s easy to just pack up and go isn’t it? Sometimes people are looking for a reason to leave, especially when they try new things! Put yourself in the shoes of a first time guest. They arrive really early, or a little late and they have no idea where to go. They walk into a rather large building full of people and could become overwhelmed. If they have children, they don’t know the process to check their children in or which rooms to take them to and next they have to find the worship center! What if they need to use the restroom? There may be two doors, but that doesn’t mean women on one side and men on the other! After reading that I am feeling anxious!! This is why your first impression teams are SOOOOOO IMPORTANT!! They help take away the barriers that might make people want to leave! 

Team members wave at guests as soon as they drive down the parkway! There are parking team members directing guests to a close parking space where a team member greets them and walks them past smiling, friendly greeters right to a first time guest kiosk. There are first time guest kiosk members who stay with each guest and walk them through the child check in process, to possibly purchasing a drink in the cafe, all they way to the worship center where a host team member helps them find a seat. If guests have questions when they leave, our help center team is ready! Then a team takes the time to follow up with each guest by sending a note thanking them for attending and making a phone call asking if they had a positive experience! 

This process is not only for your first time guests, but every guest who drives onto your campus! THANK YOU first impression team members for loving on the people God blesses you with each week! You are serving Him with excellence! You are breaking down barriers so people can hear directly from God!

5 Replies to “Breaking Down Barriers”

  1. We have one shot to get it right! FIRST IMPRESSIONS means just that! Totally agree and yet this seems to be an area that churches do not look at first! Great Insight Stacey!

  2. Stacey,

    You were the best at Guest Services, even when it wasn’t easy. I think you are going to make a great consultant because your heart is as welcoming as you are!

    We miss you at West Ridge!

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