Hi friends!

I’m Stacey Windover and I am the Guest Experience Consultant at Froot Group! (I wanted to channel my inner “Remember the Titans” and say THE Guest Experience Consultant y’all!!) It has been reported from several different studies that people decide whether or not to return to a church in the first 1 to 7 minutes of arriving on campus. In that time, they usually haven’t heard the music or the message, but they have met the people!! I have spent the past 6½ years building a team of incredible people who are focused on welcoming, informing, and serving each guest and helping them take their next step to getting connected in a group or on a serving team at an amazing church in Dallas, Georgia. I have a huge heart for people, period! As a Guest Experience Consultant, my passion is to help churches create an amazing first impression where guests feel welcomed, noticed, and loved all while experiencing Jesus in a way they have never experienced Him before! Oh my stars!! I’m getting fired up now!! I would love to help you create an incredible strategy! I can’t wait to meet you!