2 Birds and 20 Questions

Yesterday I received the best phone call ever!! My daughter coaches a traveling club volleyball team. She was at a volleyball tournament in Tampa, Florida which happens to be close to where her grandparents live. She decided to stop by their house on her way home to Georgia to say hi. While she was there, her grandma showed her two cranes that live in their neighborhood and decided to take her picture by them.

Now, here’s my daughters version. “Mom, I almost died!! You almost didn’t have a daughter!! Memaw (that’s what she calls her grandma) made me stand close to two ginormous cranes to get my picture taken! The cranes were huge!! Like in the movie UP!! I was petrified they were going to come and peck my eyes out!” Can you just picture her by the birds with a look of pure terror on her face by her description??? One story, painted two different ways! 

Each Sunday your guest experience team members get to paint the story of God’s love to each person they interact with!! Do they take the time to get to know each guest better? Do they stop their conversations with each other because they want to make sure guests feels welcome? Do they arrive early to pray for the people they are going to serve? Do they take people where they need to go? Do they smile and make eye contact when they greet guests? Of course they do!!! The way team members serve others is a reflection of Christ’s love for them!

To all the guest experience team members serving each and every Sunday I say THANK YOU for continually thinking about others and putting them before yourself! THANK YOU for keeping your eyes wide open looking for opportunities to serve the incredible people you are blessed with each week! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

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