First Impressions at the Masters

My husband was blessed a couple of years ago with a ticket to the Masters golf tournament for the first round on Thursday. He was absolutely giddy!! Because he is married to me, he noticed all the first impression touches and shared them with me!! He noticed that the walkways were made out of green rocks like you use in a fish tank so that everything looks green on camera! He saw people running, and I mean running, to get any trash that touched the ground! Of course, he walked up to one of the team members and asked them why they were running and the response was “If my supervisor sees any trash on the ground I get fired immediately.” My husband said they were not allowed to bring phones in and if they wanted to sit down they had to rent one of Augusta National’s “Masters chairs” so everything was green and uniform! What I liked about hearing his “report” was the strategy behind it! They have a vision and they pursue it with all they’ve got!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if each guest experience team did the same thing every weekend!! Each guest, first time or 2000th time, would feel welcomed, team members would answer any questions a guest may have so they are informed, and team members would go the extra mile to serve guests with excellence!! It would be awesome for each person that walks through the doors of your church to have 4-8 touch points from your guest experience team!! A “hi, how are you?” is a touch point! A wave at the entrance to your parking lot is a touch point! We had a guest tell one of our host team members that the reason she returned for a second visit was because the host team member greeted her genuinely and made her feel welcome!! Everything matters!! Every guest experience position is needed and necessary!! It’s all to make Jesus famous!! It’s kingdom work my friends!!

What is your vision? What strategy have you put in place to make that vision become a reality? If you would like a guest experience consultation, give me a call!! I would be happy to help!

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